Take a baby step into parenting

Pedigree targeted couples who weren’t quite ready for parenthood, and helped them start their families, with a dog. Armed with the insight that 83% millennials were delaying parenting, we revealed a new life stage between adulthood and parenthood, and leveraged the social pressure that came with it into the perfect excuse to adopt a dog.

A baby step into parenting.

Adopt a dog at

The campaign launched with three films.

With complete conviction, we then reinvented the classic world of newborn portraiture,
and placed adoptable dogs on par with a first child.

Wherever our hesitant pre-parents were, we were too.
And so were these 6’’ bumpers.

For those who needed more convincing, we created the Pedigree PowerPoint presentation.
An in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of babies vs dogs.


Online, we matched a couple’s characteristics to those of a shelter dog.
Like DNA, but better.

Find the perfect ‘little one’ for you at


Caples Awards:
Silver – Integrated
Bronze – Branded Content
Bronze – Digital B2C

Spikes Asia:
Bronze – Film (Park).
Bronze – Film (Cafe).
Bronze – Film (Club).

NZ AXIS Awards:
Silver – TV or Cinema 30’ or below. (Park).
Bronze – TV or Cinema 30’ or below. (Cafe).
Bronze – TV or Cinema 30’ or below. (Club).
Bronze – Pre-rolls (Campaign).