The Public Service Banger

New Zealand’s unconventional response to Covid-19 had been successful. So much so, that the country was heading into summer completely free of the virus. The last thing Kiwis needed was their fun interrupted by a boring government announcement. That’s why, in order to keep NZ’s festivals safe and Covid-free over summer, we chose a different approach – creating the most unconventional Covid-19 PSA that the world has ever seen.

We called it the Public Service Banger.

Harnessing the nation’s love of Dr Ashley Bloomfield, we collaborated with DJ Mascen to produce a dubstep PSA track & music video that played at New Zealand’s biggest festivals.

See the full track below.

The track delivered a serious message in a culturally relevant way – finding a place in the heart of New Zealand’s festival culture.
The Public Service Banger was viewed over 1.2 million times, and had an organic reach of over 42.6 million people, worldwide.
Most importantly, 105,800 Kiwis danced to an ad.


Bronze – Health Awareness & Advocacy: Brand led education & awareness – PR

NZ AXIS Awards
Grand Prix – Brand Experience & Activation
Gold – Brand Experience & Activation
Gold – Creative Use of Media
Silver – Large Scale Content
Silver – Music Content
Silver – Public Relations

NZ Best Design Awards
Gold – Moving image. Long form
Bronze – Spatial design. Exhibition & Temporary structures

WARC Global Effectiveness Awards
Bronze – Collaboration & Culture

Silver – Response to COVID
Silver – Not For Profit
Silver– Public Relations
Shortlist – OOH/Ambient

The WEBBY Awards
Nominee – Public Service & Activism, Advertising, media and PR